Punchau Canopy Review

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What better brand ambassador for a canopy than the Incan Sun-God ‘Apu Punchau’? The Punchau 10 x 10 ft pop up/instant up canopy is designed to keep all those underneath shielded from the sun and rain. I wrote this Punchau canopy review to help you make up your mind as to whether this is the right product for you. The Punchau is available to purchase on Amazon.


Who is this for?

The Punchau is ideal for someone wanting an entry level recreational canopy for sports events, outdoor gatherings/BBQs, and day trips to the beach. However, you may not get long term use out of this shelter if you expose it to consistent harsh weather and leave it out for days at a time. 

What’s included?

The Punchau arrives as a folded up canopy, along with basic metal stakes, and 4 fillable weight bags to keep the feet held down.  Some purchases also come with an extra sidewall, which can really transform your outdoor experience. All of this will fit in the provided carry bag. 

Overview of features

The Punchau’s frame is made of powder coated steel, and provides a full 100 sq ft of shade. The frame is a cathedral/clear-span style structure, which means there is heaps of headroom, but is not as structurally strong as the cross-braced types. The Punchau’s sliding mechanism has an easy push button release, which will save your hands when trying to set up/pack up. The legs have 3 different valence heights (measured from ground to bottom of cover skirting) of 65″, 69″ and 73″.

It’s got a thicker and more durable material for the cover than most at this price point, made from a 420D polyester fabric. Combined with double stitched seams the canopy cover is made to keep you dry in a deluge. The additional side wall is also made from 420D polyester, and attaches by velcro to the frame. Additional side walls really give you a heap more enjoyment out of your shelter, as you can be shielded from wind, and any sideways rain.

This shelter is tethered through the use of the simple stakes through each of the feet, and by attaching the provided weight bags. Each weight bag can store up to roughly 22 pounds of filler, depending on the ingredients.

The carry bag has shoulder straps and is only 50″ long, which combined with the overall weight of 40 pounds, means it’s fairly reasonable to transport and fit in an average sized car. It has simple rollers that will help you get it over firm terrain.


Whilst this canopy is great value and has great features, there are aspects that are not as robust as some users had hoped. Be ready to treat this canopy with care, particularly the carry bag, and you will be rewarded with many successful adventures. It comes with a standard 1 year warranty, but if you register the product online you automatically receive another year free. This tent is not rated against any fire standards, so be wary of having it close to the camp fire.

This canopy is easily set up with two people and should only take a few minutes. Watch the video below a couple of times after ordering it, and you’ll be prepared for when it arrives.


The Punchau is a fairly unique mix of a recreational/occasional use frame combined with a waterproof cover. In order to find a similar waterproof cover you would normally look for a commercial grade canopy like your Eurmax or ABCCanopy brands. However these types of canopies are designed for more frequent use over longer durations (e.g. Market stalls), and are typically much heavier than lighter recreational canopies. The E-Z Up Ambassador would be a close cousin of the Punchau in terms of frame design, however you would have to seal and waterproof it yourself to make it as good in a downpour.

Punchau canopy review: conclusion

The Punchau Canopy is a straight up nice recreational tent that is one of the few designed to also handle a downpour. It won’t fly away in a breeze (as long as you tie it down), and comes in at a very affordable price point. I hope you found this Punchau canopy review useful, feel free to leave comments at the bottom.

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