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  • Eurmax Canopy Review – Reliable and Steadfast
    Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that at no cost to you, I …

    Eurmax Canopy Review – Reliable and Steadfast Read More »

  • E-Z Up Dome Review – You Don’t Have to Fight the Sand
    Pop up canopies are a great shade solution for families or groups, but a lot of people find them too cumbersome to wheel out for day trips. The E-Z Up Dome Instant Shelter is a relatively lighter and more mobile pop up canopy product, that still provides great shade. This E-Z Up Dome review will give you an idea of whether the Dome Shelter is the right choice for your next outdoor event.
  • The Top 9 Best Beach Canopy for Family Trips in 2021
    The beach is synonymous with fun and relaxation, but your beach day can be ruined if you don’t have a way to get out of the sun and wind. Having the right beach canopy is often the difference between spending an hour at the beach – and enjoying a whole day at the beach.
  • The Best Rolling Cooler for Beach Trips in 2021
    After scouring the web the best rolling cooler for beach trips that I’ve found is the YETI Tundra Haul. Have a read for what other coolers made the list this year, and also some buying tips for what to look for in a cooler.
  • Best Pop Up Canopy in 2021
    Find product reviews and buying guides for the best pop up canopy. This year the overall winner is the Euromax pop up canopy – but read on to find a canopy to suit your specific need.
  • Beach Sun Shelter: Cool Cabanas Review
    The Cool Cabanas Review: this beach/sun shelter is a wonderful cross-pollination of beach umbrella and tent, and is one of my favourite beach canopies.
  • Best Tent Stakes for Sand
    Tent stakes, also known as ‘pegs’, are used to help keep your tent or canopy locked down to the ground. The general purpose stakes that came with your canopy are not often suited to the beach. By using stakes that are designed for soft ground, you can make your beach setup far easier, quicker and more secure.
  • EZ Up vs ABCCanopy, which is best?
    In this article we will be comparing two very popular brands of pop up canopy: EZ Up vs ABCCanopy. The E-Z Up ‘Dome’ is a funky slant legged pop up canopy with a unique top section made of materials that allow it to flex in the wind. The ABCCanopy ‘Beach’ is a simple but sturdy straight legged canopy. The two products have some similarities – they both offer excellent sun protection, were designed with the beach in mind, can be setup to different heights, and only take two people a couple minutes to setup. So how do you choose between them?
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