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How to Take Down a Pop Up Canopy

Once your pop up canopy is all setup, you just reverse the steps to pack it down. If you have a standard 10×10 ft canopy or smaller it is easy with two people, although you can do it by yourself (much more annoying). If you have a canopy much larger it can be very tricky to take it down by yourself. Some pop up canopies are better for setting up and packdown.


The following steps outline how to take down a pop up canopy, which should work across most models (always check your instructions for specific details):

  1. Clear the area under your canopy from any gear on the ground, or any decorations hanging up
  2. Remove anything used to secure the canopy to the ground (eg. tie lines or weight bags)
  3. Collapse legs to their lowest height
  4. If you]-] need to remove the canopy cover from the frame for storage, it’s easiest to remove it now (see Figure 1)
  5. Release the sliding mechanism on each of the four corners (See Figure 2)
  6. (a) If you have at least 2 people to help: stand on opposing sides, and pickup the canopy by the truss bars. As you both walk towards each other the frame canopy will naturally collapse Give the frame a hug, lift, and fit it in the carry bag.
Figure 1 – It’s easiest to undo clips or straps attached to the truss bars before lowering the legs
Figure 2 – showing the sliding mechanism

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Check out this video for an example of a one person take down:

And this video for a two person deconstruction:

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