Eurmax Canopy Review – Reliable and Steadfast

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Recently my pop up canopy broke apart on me at the beach, snapping at a critical side truss connection. It had not been in rough weather, and it was only one year old. It was a cheap one, but I still expected more from it. So I went looking, and came across the Eurmax line of pop up canopies. Had I finally found a strong and reliable canopy? This Eurmax canopy review will give you renewed hope that there is still quality available out there.

In this Eurmax canopy review I will evaluate the ‘standard’ Eurmax 10 x 10 pop up canopy. I refer to this particular model as the ‘standard’ version, as there are other Eurmax models that have been customised for specific situations. To see how the Eurmax compares to other canopy brands, check out my best pop up canopy review.

Eurmax Canopy Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐
Eurmax Standard 10 x 10 CanopyEurmax has optimised strength over portability (it’s heavy) When tied/weighed down, the cross-braced frame will put up with a lot of weatherInvolves a typical pop up canopy setup, but requires some strength. Best setup with 2 people.Comes in a wide range of basic colors

What I liked

  • Strong cross-braced frame
  • Water proof canopy top with sealed seams
  • Durable 500D canopy top fabric
  • Quick customer response (when I emailed them)

Things to consider

  • Heavy (around 50 pounds), so you’ll want a superstar friend to help setup
  • Only 1 year warranty

I hope you’ll find my compilation of product information, customer reviews, and other resources useful, and that it will save you time having to do this yourself. Unfortunately, at this stage I don’t have the resources to buy every product myself, but over time I hope to update this review with more hands-on information.

Is it for you?

The Eurmax Pop Up Canopy is ideal if you are using your canopy:

  • in locations that are windy/wet.
  • frequently, rather than just on holidays/irregular trips.
  • for commercial type activities like farmers markets or conference stands.

I would be hesitant to use this canopy if you need to setup mostly by yourself, and you don’t feel comfortable lugging/handling 50 lbs of canopy around.

What’s included, and where can I get it?

The standard Eurmax 10 x 10 commercial grade canopy comes with the canopy top, frame, roller bag, and (at the time of writing) also 4 weight bags. Having some kind of method to weigh/tie down your canopy is a requirement, so having the weight bags provided means one less thing to think about!

Spec’s and features

The steel frame has straight legs and a cross-truss structure, which will give you the confidence that your canopy won’t snap in the wind or after repeated use. The straight legs are important not only for strength and shade (you get the full 100 ft2), but are also better for making the best use of prime real estate at the local markets (angled legs take up more room).

This standard model of the Eurmax has a 500 denier polyester canopy top material with a polyurethane coating, and all the seam stitches are sealed. This makes for a very durable and waterproof option. The only thing to be ready for is during a big downpour you may get water pooling in the canopy (a small broom to poke the ceiling up is great for relieving this).

As mentioned before, at the time of writing the Eurmax comes with attachable sand bags, in addition to built in tabs to attached ropes. If you are intending on using this for a commercial venture or club/group activity, you can hang banners along the front valence by using the provided loops.

The carry bag has been specifically designed to be able to carry the frame and all the components inside. The wheels are a step up from the normal tiny rollers you see in most other brands, which is great for maneuvering. Importantly they have included a steel base plate which provides additional support to stop the frame falling out of the bottom of the bag.

Tips and tricks

This is a good video on how best to setup the Eurmax Pop up Canopy.


In case you are interested, here are some other variations of the 10 x 10 Eurmax canopy that suit specific needs:

  • The Smart Pop up Canopy: Packs down into a backback for easy storage. Be aware that this canopy only has a max valence height (height from ground to start of canopy, also known as entering height) of 6 ft (compare to 7 ft for the standard version).

If you want to have a look at some other comparable 10 x 10 straight legged heavy duty canopies, check out the E-Z Up Vantage or ABCCanopy. If the heavy duty nature of the Eurmax is a concern, here are some more lightweight options that are great for trips to the beach.

alternative canopy models that are better suited to being carried around for things like beach trip.

In conclusion

The standard Eurmax Canopy is a great option for those looking for a strong and reliable shade option for your next market stall or camping trip. If you have the capacity to maneuver and lift this heavier canopy around, then you’ll also get ages of use as your weekend beach/park shelter. Thanks for reading and I hope this Eurmax canopy review saves you some time finding the best product for your situation.

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